PBAB Update #4 - Gore and Enemy Spawns

Hello! Only one update this week, but it’s fairly sized. In this update I have introduced Enemy Spawns as well as a gore overhaul, and some other fixes, tweaks, and additions.

Watch the video here.


  • Gore overhaul! There is blood on-hit, gore particles, as well as much, much more blood. Enemies can have skins flesh ripped off of their skeleton as well. (this will all be toggleable in the future)

  • Movement and swinging rework: all movement is controlled through the mouse now, and you don’t control your weapons directly at all. Instead, you can swing them around your body using the laws of physics to your advantage. Figuring out how I wanted to do this is probably what took the most time.

  • New weapon: cane. Good for collecting hands

  • Enemy Spawners! Place holder for now until I can get more core-game mechanics and menus in

  • Player Health indicator (player still doesn’t die yet)


  • Player movement tweaks


  • Random blood on enemies when shot