Enemy Rework micro-update

Hey everyone! This update won’t be published because it’s so small, but it felt like a great victory so I’d like to show how I’m handling the hands of the enemies as well as their AI. Also a big shoutout to Kealmcking for the suggestions on the Itch.io page as well as some help brainstorming design ideas in the discord.

To give a little bit of context, I was having trouble with controlling the enemy’s hands. Using the built-in animator was creating non-physics based movement (which was COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE), and using code wasn’t accurate enough for me. I eventually came to a compromise of animating hand designators (the green dots in the video), and making the real, physical hands use forces to set their position to the designators. You can see in the video above how the hands attempt to move to the green dots but aren’t always able to (if something else is in the way, for example).

The other problem I was having was controlling the AI. I’ve never worked on any sort of AI before, so I had no idea about this wonderful new thing called State Machines! Basically I can create a bunch of different states, as well as a method for strictly decision making. The decision making method chooses which state to switch to, which in turn changes the behavior of the enemy.

Thanks for reading! I still have some polishing to do on the enemy, but I want to publish the update to Itch by this weekend. I’m aiming for a playable experience, where you can kill enemies, be killed, with a start and lose screen. It might not all get done by this update, but we’ll see.