PBAB Update #5 - Enemy Rework, Sandbox, Highscores

Watch the video here. (in progress)

This was an exhausting update, but it’s finally here! The enemie system has been completely reworked and revamped, and is now ready to kick some player ass. There’s also a sandbox mode (this is just scratching the surface of everything I want from sandbox), a high score system, and some other minor additions, tweaks, and fixes.

The game is available for download here.


  • Title Screen

  • Sandbox Mode

  • Shredder for runaway enemies

  • Interactive buttons that can control objects

  • Player kill count and timer

  • High score system (this might not save forever!)

  • Environmental object damage (slam enemies into boxes or vice versa)


  • ENEMY REWORK IS DONE! I’ll now be able to make tons of unique enemies with their own unique abilities and AI! Also, the brawlers now have better punching mechanics and AI.

  • Added a limit to amount of enemies on the screen at once


  • Bug where you could pick up multiple weapons at once

  • enemy punches weren’t doing damage consistently