Update 7: Weapon and grabbing changes (3/29/19)

Download this update here.

Hey everyone. In PBAB, I want your potential weapons to be versatile. What I mean by that is being able to grab anything around you and use it as a weapon against your foes. I’ve redone the weapon system by splitting weapons into 2 separate properties. Grabbable, and DamageDealer. This mean you will be able to grab boxes, weapons, enemies, weapons that enemies are holding, etc. I’m thinking I should add a glow or sparkle to things you can grab.

As always, if you have suggestions please let me know in the Discord!


  • Split weaponcontroller into 2 scripts: Grabbable and DamageDealer

  • Ability to grab enemy hands, boxes, different weapons. Please let me know if it’s hard to tell what you can and can’t grab.

  • A new weapon: flail! It’s special ability is that it doesn’t work right now. But it’s fun to swing around.

  • Added properties to weapons

  • Pause Screen (ESC)

  • Added splash screen


  • Crossbow not shooting

  • Player HP not resetting after death

  • Glitch where you couldnt pick up weapons after holding a brawler hand and that brawler dies

  • Brawlers would jump forward after pausing

  • Swinger wasn’t able to get into the arena

  • Player ‘framrate’ independent

  • Swinger wasn’t doing damage

  • Timescale was staying at 0 after using pause menu to return to main menu

I hope you enjoy! In the next few updates I want to work on making the game more fun. This includes tweaking values like speed, damage, etc.