PBAB (Physics Based Arena Brawler) - UPDATE #3

Watch the video here.

Hello again, I did some work over the weekend and added some new FUN things! Would love to hear some suggestions or comments from anyone who is following this; just leave any feedback on the Youtube devlogs.


  • Player Physics - the physics of your weapon is now calculated into player velocity, and vice versa

  • Damage Text!!! This took me a while.

  • Enemy Overhaul: New sprites and they can punch you with their fists (needs to be tightened up, their hands will float around). They will flee if both of their hands are disabled!

  • Enemy hand breakage and dismemberment! Enemies won’t attack you with broken hands, and you can chop them off as well. Also… blood.

  • Player Health (currently does nothing)

  • Sounds for crossbow/arrow


  • Minimum weapon velocity for damage (to prevent brushing damage)


  • Daze feedback not disappearing after un-daze