PBAB 1/30/2019 Update #2

Watch the video here. Howdy, added some fun things as well as some tweaks/fixes in this update.


  • Enemy Dazed feedback

  • Enemy health! You can now MURDER the defenseless squares.

  • New weapon: crossbow! You can even pick up the arrows and stab enemies with them. (I now realize they should be bolts)


  • Made hammer easier to wield / more fun

  • Enemy daze time. Current formula for daze is:

    (weaponVelocity * weaponMass) / dazeTimeReducer + toughnessMultiplier
    Where dazeTimeReducer is 4, which reduces mace-class weapons to 3ish average, and sledge-class weapons from 30(!) to 6-7ish. This is a weird formula and I will probably optimize it.

  • Increased enemy mass


  • Hammer sound / crash

  • Crash where script would try to access destroyed particlesystem