Update 7: Weapon and grabbing changes (3/29/19)

Download this update here.

Hey everyone. In PBAB, I want your potential weapons to be versatile. What I mean by that is being able to grab anything around you and use it as a weapon against your foes. I’ve redone the weapon system by splitting weapons into 2 separate properties. Grabbable, and DamageDealer. This mean you will be able to grab boxes, weapons, enemies, weapons that enemies are holding, etc. I’m thinking I should add a glow or sparkle to things you can grab.

As always, if you have suggestions please let me know in the Discord!


  • Split weaponcontroller into 2 scripts: Grabbable and DamageDealer

  • Ability to grab enemy hands, boxes, different weapons. Please let me know if it’s hard to tell what you can and can’t grab.

  • A new weapon: flail! It’s special ability is that it doesn’t work right now. But it’s fun to swing around.

  • Added properties to weapons

  • Pause Screen (ESC)

  • Added splash screen


  • Crossbow not shooting

  • Player HP not resetting after death

  • Glitch where you couldnt pick up weapons after holding a brawler hand and that brawler dies

  • Brawlers would jump forward after pausing

  • Swinger wasn’t able to get into the arena

  • Player ‘framrate’ independent

  • Swinger wasn’t doing damage

  • Timescale was staying at 0 after using pause menu to return to main menu

I hope you enjoy! In the next few updates I want to work on making the game more fun. This includes tweaking values like speed, damage, etc.

PBAB Update #6 - THE BIG ONE!

Hello everyone! This is a huge update so let’s get started right away.

First of all; there won’t be a public build for this one. I’m still working hard on a few things that just aren’t ready for play-testing yet, but I needed to push and update because my completed tasks list is getting way too big... If anyone has real interest in trying it out or helping with suggestions/squash bugs, join the discord here. I would LOVE to hear about any interest in PBAB.

"I don’t care, I came here for the changelog! Stop wasting my time!”

What you can expect in this update: Sound, Spawner, and Weapon overhaul. More screens, bigger arena, and many more smaller things that will probably disappoint me when I list them all out. All topped off with a generous application of bug-spray.

Without further ado,


  • New enemy: Swinger. He doesn’t like it when you make fun of his name.

  • Beautiful lighting

  • New sound system with dynamic sounds and music (music todo). Featuring lovely groans by your truly

  • Moving camera for the next point:

  • BIGGER ARENA! It’s around 8x bigger than the original.

  • Footprints

  • New Weapon: Battleaxe

  • Enemy death animation

  • Player death animation


  • Spawners can now randomly select enemies based on a list I give it, and under certain conditions

  • Player now looks at the nearest enemy

  • Sand retexture


  • Particle systems not destroying themselves

  • Blood disappearing with enemies dying (finally!)

  • Dismembered hands are cleaned with the enemy now

What’s next for PBAB?

I’m going to work on the weapon system and try to make it more modular. This means that enemies can hold weapons better, I’ll be able to make more varieties of weapons, and they should just function better all together. This also means that I should be able to make the handle of a mace do less damage than the actual heavy hurty end.

I really want people with smaller mousepads to be able to have just as much fun, so I’m thinking about changing the movement again. Or at least making it more accommodating for people who can’t move their arm/wrist as much. The point of the game is NOT to give you carpal tunnel. I swear.

Other than that it’s just adding more enemies, more weapons, and getting core aspects of the game down. I have SO MANY IDEAS for this game. I know I can’t put them all in, but that’s not going to stop me from trying.

Thanks for reading. :)

PBAB Update #5 - Enemy Rework, Sandbox, Highscores

Watch the video here. (in progress)

This was an exhausting update, but it’s finally here! The enemie system has been completely reworked and revamped, and is now ready to kick some player ass. There’s also a sandbox mode (this is just scratching the surface of everything I want from sandbox), a high score system, and some other minor additions, tweaks, and fixes.

The game is available for download here.


  • Title Screen

  • Sandbox Mode

  • Shredder for runaway enemies

  • Interactive buttons that can control objects

  • Player kill count and timer

  • High score system (this might not save forever!)

  • Environmental object damage (slam enemies into boxes or vice versa)


  • ENEMY REWORK IS DONE! I’ll now be able to make tons of unique enemies with their own unique abilities and AI! Also, the brawlers now have better punching mechanics and AI.

  • Added a limit to amount of enemies on the screen at once


  • Bug where you could pick up multiple weapons at once

  • enemy punches weren’t doing damage consistently